The Healing Tour

The Healing Tour with Shannon and Pete O’Shea.


Authors of "Pain Was My Friend " and "Scars That Heal"



The Irish are known for their story telling.  Some of those stories are most likely elaborate and farfetched.  However, these two speakers will tell you like it is, transparent and unabandoned.  Through their personal stories and revelation from the Holy Spirit, the deep wounds and bruises, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, can be brought to the Light.  It’s through that Light, these authors and speakers will captivate the listeners and reveal to them how they not only can be healed, but how they can actually become transformed. 

Pain Was My Friend is a powerful true story, thirty years in the making, of suffering, miracles, triumph, and more personally experienced by a decent, yet flawed man.  

Pete O’Shea tried to navigate a world full of pain all by himself with disastrous consequences.  When he had finally reached the full depths of despair, and things looked completely hopeless, he cried out for the Lord to save him.  

What he found was that God was there the whole time, waiting patiently for a healing and loving relationship.  

The metamorphosis of this once broken man is inspiring and nothing short of miraculous.

Pete O’Shea is a Christian Talk Show Host, a Christian Comedian, and a sought-after motivational speaker.  God granted him a miracle.  Now he is going back for all of us who suffer from pain in all its forms:  spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical.  

All of us have scars.  Some of those scars are just plain ugly.  Some leave us disfigured.  Others, however, have painful memories attached to them.  

This is a personal story that left painful scars.  The author, through her transparency, shares her story, and how true healing can come through the blood of Jesus Christ and with the spoken Word of God.  

With no intent to impress religious leaders, Shannon Fitzpatrick chose to instead honor God and serve others.  The latter identifies the purpose and thrust of her ordination.  The purity, passion and perfection of the very heart of God’s Great Commandment flows in this brief love offering as if it were the proverbial honey from God’s personal honeycomb.  

Born into the Kingdom as a called and ordained bond servant of the Word, she deliberately demonstrates that not unlike King David…she is indeed an anointed one after God’s own heart.  This jumps off the pages and into the reader’s spirit, while saturating the soul and satiating the body.  

Shannon is the President of LIAM (a.k.a. Life In Action Mission) a non-profit 501(c)3 charity.  She is also a missionary, pastor and advocate for those bound by human trafficking.  

Known as “Hope Dealers”,  husband and wife ministers, Pete and Shannon O’Shea share their miracle stories of God’s healing power through their transparency and authenticity.

With Revelation 12:11 as a banner for their ministry, the share that we “overcome” by three things:  1.  The Blood of the Lamb, 2. The word of OUR testimony, and 3.  We don’t shrink back in fear


You can book The Healing Tour at your church. There is no fee for this tour!  A love offering and an opportunity to sell books is all that is asked. Contact Pete or Shannon for more details.


Pete O'Shea - (727) 710-4094


Shannon O'Shea - (727) 207-1077